Procedures for Visitors to IEEE MCSoC 2021 Venue (SUTD Campus)

Last update: Dec 9, 2021

Followings are the instructions for onsite attendees of IEEE MCSoC 2021 by the host university (Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)):

  1. Please advise your guests to put up a Visitor Declaration in the system before arriving on campus.
  2. All visitors, regardless of travel status,  will need to take an ART test before coming to the SUTD campus. Upon receiving a negative test, visitors are to take a snapshot of the negative test with a time stamp, and send it to their SUTD host before arriving on SUTD campus. The SUTD host is responsible for ensuring compliance before the visitor arrives on campus.
  3. If it is a repeat visitor, please request the visitor to kindly repeat the test before their next visit, and to ensure it is negative before coming to SUTD campus.

Please contact Prof. Teo Tee Hui who is the SUTD host before your arrivals: