Chiplet-based Architectures and Design


 Jason Eshraghian, UC Sata Cruz, USA 

Darshika G. Perera, University of Colorado, USA

The semiconductor industry has entered a new era of processor design, moving from monolithic processors to multi/many-core, which can be integrated on a single chip or in an emerging chipset-based system through advanced package technology and standardized interfaces. This kind of architecture promises higher flexibility and time-to-market advantage while maintaining cost-effectiveness. This is a huge shift in client devices server processors, and many other emerging applications. The topics of interest of the track include, but are not limited to:

  • Chiplet-based Architectures
  • Chiplet-based Design for Multicore Processors
  • Multi-chiplet packages
  • Innovation process, packaging, and architecture
  • Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge
  • New techniques for integration of third-party IP
  • 3D Interconnects
  • New type of foundry for chiplets
  • Chiplet Standards 
  • Advanced Process Technologies
  • FPGA-based, High-Level Synthesis Design
  • Emerging monolithic 3D logic and memory devices
  • Advanced packaging for 2.5D and 3D integration
  • Logic design and partition for a 3D system
  • 3D memory design and architectures
  • Thermal cooling and management Techniques
  • Architectural innovations for energy-efficient 3D HI
  • EDA tools for 3D integration