Special Session: Device, Circuit, Architecture, and CAD tools of Advanced FPGAs and Their Application to Edge AI Computing


Daisuke Suzuki, The University of Aizu, Japan

Call for Papers: pdf

A field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) whose function can be reconfigured by users is one viable candidate for the edge AI hardware platform. On the other hand, a conventional SRAM-based FPGA suffers serious standby issues since the power supply must be continuously applied to keep internal data. This standby power issue is more serious in state-of-the-art nanometer CMOS technologies. From this point of view, this special session focuses on the novel device, circuit, architecture, and CAD technologies for near future advanced FPGAs and their edge-AI computing. Papers are solicited in the following areas, but are not limited to:

Topics of Interest:

  • Nonvolatile FPGA and its related technologies
  • Device technologies for energy-efficient FPGA
  • Circuit technologies for energy-efficient FPGA
  • Architecture for energy-efficient FPGA
  • CAD technologies for energy-efficient power FPGA
  • FPGA-based energy-efficient edge AI hardware
  • FPGA-oriented AI algorithms

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Contact person: Daisuke Suzuki (The Univ. Aizu, Japan)

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