Embedded Multicore/Manycore SoC Testing

Track Chair(s)

Yeong-Kang Lai (NCHU, Taiwan)

Topics of Interest

As the demand and sophistication level of applications in consumer electronics has grown over the years, so has the complexity of multicore systems on chip (MCSoCs) required to drive them. These MCSoCs are expected to meet performance and low-power requirements, especially for emerging technologies. As a result, appropriate test solutions are required to address fault models and failure mechanisms from manufacturing defects, and to provide quality and reliability measures. The topics of interest of the track include, but are not limited to:

  • Testing Techniques  (delay fault modeling and diagnosis; testing for analog and mixed circuits; online testing; BIST)
  • Design For Testability in IC Design (FPGA, SoC, NoC, ASIC)
  • Multi-layer dependability evaluation
  • Reuse and extension of the test, debug and repair infrastructure for in-filed management
  • Power-up, power-down and periodic tests
  • Fault modeling, Test synthesis , Fault simulation
  • Automatic test pattern generation
  • Boundary-scan testing
  • Testability measurements
  • Anomaly detection for security and functional safety
  • System-level test
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • In-field verification and validation
  • Fault tolerance and self-checking circuits
  • Aging effects on electronics
  • Periodic checking
  • Failure prediction and forecasting
  • Attack prediction and prevention
  • Design for testability and scan test

Former Chairs

Yeong-Kang Lai, NCHU, Taiwan, MCSoC 2021
Virendra Singh, Indian Institute of Bombay, India, MCSoC 2019